term-care-small Term Care Select

Term Care Select offers comprehensive protection for almost every component of your vehicle. Term Care Select provides the benefits below—all with the same $0 deductible.

Would you like to be protected against the cost of unexpected mechanical breakdown?


Worry Free

Getting a new car should be a carefree and enjoyable experience.

But service may be needed and major mechanical breakdowns could occur even when your car is new, whether you own or lease it.

We have created a comprehensive protection plan designed especially to protect your new car against the unexpected, with coverage for items that the manufacturer’s warranty may not cover.

Zero Deductible

Term Care Select will add assurance that you are protected against the expense of covered mechanical breakdowns. Plus, additional benefits* keep you going—wherever you are.

Term Care Select is a comprehensive service plan, protecting almost all the components of your vehicle, with a remarkable $0 deductible.

*See section entitled Membership in Driver’s OneCard for details. Certain limitations apply.


Each year more and more sophisticated technology is built into vehicles to improve their safety, performance, comfort and value. These same innovations increase the vehicle’s reliability. However, if something does go wrong, the necessary repairs are often complex and costly

*Based on a sampling of actual replacement costs experienced by FWS associated with various vehicle makes and models.

Example Repair Costs*
Ask your salesperson or finance manager for Term Care Select, and you’ll be on your way to a carefree driving experience