excess-wear-and-tear-small Excess Wear & Tear

With Lease Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear, you may not have to worry about unexpected wear and tear charges at the end of your lease.
Lease Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear will help keep you driving worry-free!

Are you interested in receiving substantial savings on unexpected wear and tear?


Worry Free

Leasing a new car should be a carefree and enjoyable alternative to the responsibilities of auto ownership.

But many of the risks of driving a car – the small dents and dings that happen in parking lots, chipped paint, even worn tires – are your responsibility at lease-end. You either repair them, or you pay the leasing company to perform the repairs. You may lose part of your security deposit, all of it, or maybe even more. Why worry about the kinds of things that happen to almost any car?

Lease Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear may waive up to $7,500 of the cost of repairing all the covered parts including dents, dings, scratches, and wear and tear on your vehicle at lease-end, if you turn in your vehicle at any time prior to or within one year after the original scheduled maturity date and do not exercise the purchase option.

Top five repairs typically charged as excess wear and tear are:

  •  Tires: $75-$200 per tire, depending on tire size
  •  Glass: $20-$25 to repair a chip, to over $200 to replace a window
  •  Exterior dings, dents: $45-$135 per ding or dent
  •  Paint chips, cracks: $35-$70 per chip or crack
  •  Upholstery rips, tears, burns: $35-$150 depending on fabric type
Covered Parts
Lease Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear may waive up to $7,500 for excess wear and tear repairs to the following covered parts - no single repair to exceed $1,000.
Upholstery and interior
Exterior dents and dings
Truck bed liners
Windshield and glass
Headlamps, tail lamps,
light bulbs
Bumpers, step bumpers, surrounding trim
Name plate badges
and hood ornaments
Wheels and wheel covers
Door handles
Factory audio equipment
Moldings, trim, metal,
Convertible, padded and vinyl tops
Belts and hoses
BUT NOT: Improper repairs, removal of bumper stickers, signs, lettering, excess mileage charges, other occurrences as listed in the Excess Wear and Tear Addendum.

You can build the cost of the plan into your monthly lease payments. It’s a simple and convenient way to keep you driving your leased vehicle worry-free. Ask your salesperson or finance manager for Lease Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear, and you’ll be on your way to a carefree driving experience!
This is intended to provide a general summary of your benefits. Please see your service contract for details. Available only at time of purchase.